Monthly Archives: July 2018

Our Unpopular Opinions *Media Edition* – Episode 8

Today were talking about our opinions on different media. I.E. the extremely unpopular opinions we have about some of the biggest movies, tv shows, and songs. Also dont hate us “laugh”. Hope to see you on the next episode!

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Dabs, CBD, and…Suppositories Oh My!? – Episode 7

On this episode were going to be exploring the world of cannabis again with all the unique ways of getting high. From the tried and true traditions to the new, and sometimes strange, lets sit down and learn how to get really baked.

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Tissue for your issue – Episode 6

welcome to the gruesome true crime killers episode, we will cover the long-time elusive Golden State Killer, the chilling Welkom Killer, and the befuddled Floyd Allens.

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