About Us

Hello Everyone,

First off thank you for listening to our podcast. We are a group of stoners that indulges ourselves in the strange and interesting! Together we are “The Strainge Connection” and we are your hosts Ryan, Charley and Rose. We all currently live in a state that allows the medicinal use of¬†marijuana, and if you have ever smoked before you know that we all have those deep and interesting baked conversations. Thats how this podcast came to existence, also because we like to hear ourselves talk! (laughs). We have been having lots of fun recording and will continue to bring you more and more content. We love to hear feedback or ideas don’t hesitate to contact us on twitter or write us an email!¬†We are almost always baked during recording so if you hear coughing and laughing during an episode you know why.


-Thank you

The Strainge Connection

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